With Lustful Intent - Ariana Paige - Author Interview

Book: With Lustful Intent
Author: Ariana Paige
Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lustful-Intent-Ariana-Paige-ebook/dp/B01HORLO0Q

Today we welcome Ariana Paige to our blog, and she's answering some naughty questions for us! But first, here's a peek at Ariana's new book:

With Lustful Intent


Ashley is a beautiful, free-spirited young woman in a small town. Uninhibited and untamed, she sets her sights on the town's handsome, new minister. When he rejects her attempts to entice him, Ashley lays a plan to lure him in and trap him.

I was twenty-six. I was in no hurry to settle down, and the last thing in the world I wanted was to find myself beholden to some man. No one owned me. I did the owning, and I liked it that way just fine.

Reverend James Pickering may think he's the one guiding Ashley towards a more righteous path, but in the end, he will be the one who learns a thing or two from this confident temptress. Scorned, but unbowed, Ashley knows she holds a power over men far too great for even a minister to resist.
The second Amazon title from erotica writer Ariana Paige, With Lustful Intent charges into the taboo, questioning our morality and our fear of judgment, not from God, but from one another. Both racy and thought-provoking, the book stares down the notions of sin and small town values.

An excerpt:

I had walked this path dozens of times, maybe a hundred or more. I knew the lay of the ground, the spot where I would stop and lay my blanket. This was my home turf. The trail wound around just a bit, the soft soil surrounded by pine needles. The path narrowed a bit and then took a final curve before it opened up into a small clearing with a view of the lake.

I spread out the blanket by the head of the trail, a nice flat soft area free of rocks. The tall grass by the lake rustled in the breeze behind me and the trees stood watch all around. It was time to make everything perfect for his arrival.

I heard his footsteps coming up the path. I was ready, my trap set and my prey only moments away. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes just before he came into view. I listened to him approach and then heard him stop. “Ashley,” he cried out. “What are you doing?”

Author Interview - Naughty 20 Questions

Most recent sex thing you’ve googled?

Scissor slave.

Naughtiest thing one of your characters has done.
Had sex in the woods with a minister.
Name an author you’d love to get drunk with.
Neil Gaiman. I want to get him drunk and fuck his brains out and then pick them apart.
Top or bottom?
Top. I was a bottom years ago, and it was a key part of my evolution as a dominant woman.
Have you ever sexted?
Yes. Though once you've had sex in a public dungeon in front of nearly everyone you know, sexting seems sort of blah.
Weirdest place you’ve ever had sex.
See above. My partner and I were screwing in a cage, while a male dominant was beating the hell out of his submissive girl. Her screams and cries made it incredibly hot.

What’s your sexy nickname?
I don't have a nickname. It's more of a title. Mistress.

Have you ever been in an adult store?
Too many to count. Shopping online is a lot more fun though.

Does your own writing turn you on?
Yes, all the time.

Do you ever write naked?
Not really, no. I work from home though, so I'm usually in something comfy and easily accessible by my hands.

Favorite sex song.
Angelfish – Suffocate Me (Shirley Manson is such a babe).

Do you research your sex scenes?
I draw a ton on my own life and experiences, so I guess they've been field tested and Mistress approved. ;)

Your character’s favorite sex position.
Not sure there's a favorite. I tend to write stories with female dominants or at least women in control, so to a great degree it's all about how each individual character want to get off in that particular point in her story.

Does food and sex ever mix?
Not a ton. To be honest, I find food in bed messy and sex in the kitchen unappealing.

What’s more of a turn on? Reading sex or watching porn.
Reading for sure. In my life, I see enough other naked people that I don't need them on my TV or laptop. Plus porn is too often shallow and hollow. I really like characters and having a sense of why the sex is happening, and reading good literary porn gets me that.

Your favorite body part on a man/woman?
On a man, I am a huge fan of hands and a nice chest. On women, who doesn't love boobs, but I am especially drawn to the lower back.

Have you ever screamed someone’s name?
God gets his name mentioned an awful lot.

Have you ever fantasized about a friend’s dad/mom?
Yes. I always enjoy being a tease, and occasionally luring someone into a situation that they shouldn't be in. When I was much younger, I definitely enjoyed seeing if I could win a little attention from a man who should have known better.

If you could spend one dirty night with a celebrity, who would it be?
Just one? Maybe Daniel Craig.

Have you ever gone out without underwear?
I am right now. But I love putting on a sexy pair of panties, a nice bra, stockings and garters. I love shopping for clothes and that includes the undies. If I think there is a chance my dress may be coming off, then I want to look my best when it does!

For Lustful Intent and more of Ariana's books, visit her Amazon author page:
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