We are a group of women who got together through a shared love of books. We fall in love with fictional characters, are passionate about promoting the amazing authors who write them, and on occasion, we also love a little too much wine.

This blog is a happy place we can share our thoughts about the books we have read and loved, or would like to read. Don't expect spoilers or long, detailed reviews. We're all extremely busy in our normal lives and this blog is an outlet for some fun, so our reviews will be short and sweet.

The Convicts:


Sabrina loves reading lots of different genres, and enjoys books with lots of feels, whether they're laughter or tears. She has a special love of NA and contemporary romance. But depending on her mood, she may also crave YA, erotica, smut, comedy, urban fantasy, thriller, mystery, horror. She rarely reads historical stories, but that doesn't mean she won't.


Lily’s go-to genres are contemporary romance, new adult, and romantic suspense. She loves reading about funny heroines, nice guys, and damaged heroes. She’s not a fan of BDSM, bitches, or assholes.


Ally is addicted to reading, and loves romance. Ally doesn't find a lot of time to review, however when she finds a book she loves, she spends days moaning about her book hangovers and spreading the word everywhere. When she loves an author, she can become quite the fangirl. She is responsible for the graphics on FCBB and she splits her time between reading, graphic design and writing/blogging.

If you're an author and interested in seeing book covers designed by Ally, you can check out her Facebook page here:



Fenella lives life in the fast lane, tossing back champagne and rubbing shoulders with mysterious men. She drives by the blog on rare occasions.

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