We aren’t currently accepting books for review requests, but we are happy to share sales and sign up for blog tours, cover reveals, and blitzes.

If you would like us to do a promo post for you, please send your buy links, blurb/synopsis, cover image, goodreads link, and anything else you want to include (such as teasers or an excerpt). If you have html for a pre-made post we are happy to accept it, or we can create the post for you. Please note, we will not download zipped files. 

Once we post on the blog, we will link it to Facebook, which will feed to Twitter. It takes time (which we don't always have) to write catchy tweets, so if you would like to include some pre-written tweets, we can post those for you as well!

If you'd like to feature in an Author Interview, you can send us an already completed question and answer, or we can provide our own questions for you to answer

Please give us a few days to post, we only post two or three times a day (we do not want to overcrowd the blog and have readers miss a book they might enjoy), and because we also participate in blog tours we are not always able to post the day you make your request.

Please send your requests to

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