Interview with Serge De Moliere


Do you feel it’s unusual for a romance author to be male?

It is a bit of a rarity these days, although in the past many well know “female” romance writers were actually men writing under nom de plumes. The reason given was that men felt that women “preferred” to read romances penned by women, believing that women writers were more in tune with their own feelings. However, it’s clear that great authors have written great characters of both genders (or even transgenders).  I prefer to think that readers—whether male or female—enjoy charismatic characters, intriguing story lines and
spicy romance, regardless of whether the writer is male or female.  I believe that if enough readers or reviewers recommend a novel or novella, people will read it without worrying about the author’s gender. And let’s not forget that one of the most popular contemporary romances (The Notebook) was written by Nicholas Sparks. Last I heard, he was still a male!

Tell us about the first romance novel you published this year.

My first published novella was “Love Yoga” by Etopia Press, which is a spicy erotic romance between two people of different races. It’s a spicy and captivating read. I’m especially proud of my protagonist, Morgan. She’s an inspired African American yoga instructor, which makes her rather unique for the romance genre. I wrote it based in part on yoga teachers I’ve known through the years and based on my familiarity with yoga postures.  Of course Morgan is a blend of several different yoga teachers and the story is fiction. It is emotionally powerful and at times also hot and racy, which is part of the fun; but, as most of my stories, it has a strong, central love story that is about a relationship that is more than just sex.

What is your typical writing routine?

I try to write habitually although not always at the same time every day. When I have the time, I   devote periods to writing at least several days during a given week. If an idea hits me, I occasionally even get up in the middle of the night to jot down ideas.  If I get really immersed in the story I become oblivious of time, which is not always a good thing.

Any particular ways you seek inspiration?

It helps to be inspired, which powers the writing; and my source often is other writers especially the great ones (Anais Nin, for example, or Shakespeare). Music can also be inspiring (e.g Pink, since her songs deal with relationships.). I loved the characters in the science fiction film, Ex Machina although I have yet to publish a science fiction love story, I have drafted one and hope to publish it by early next year.

Do you have a current work in progress?

Yes. I almost always have a new work in progress. Sometimes I’ll start by writing a short story, file it away and later develop it into a longer piece. As most well-known writers have said, inspiration is a deliberate process and you can’t just sit around and wait for a great idea. Writing itself inspires more writing and fuels the process, even if the first draft is horrific.

Right now, I’m working on several different ideas including a story about a millennial and about a large size woman who seeks love.

Where do the ideas for your books come from? 

Generally, the world is full of events, persons and ideas that help to provoke creativity.
.A core of reality is quite helpful, I find, in developing story ideas and characters.  Also, reading the work of celebrated writers can provide the germ of an idea. Not so much their plots, but maybe an incident within a longer narrative or a character quirk sends me off on a
angle that may ultimately look nothing like what it was derived from. For example, watching the film, “Frozen”, impelled me to write a love story set in a blizzard (White Heat), which has received a number of great reviews from online blogs. Another of my pieces, Hurts So Bad, was prompted by a friend who had an accident while riding a horse.
While my protagonist is nothing like my friend, her experience reflects a real life injury.
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