Frenched- Melanie Harlow

You guys are going to be seeing a lot of Melanie Harlow reviews in the future, because I just finished this book AND MUST READ MORE!!!!!!

I loved Mia right away. She’s a planner and kind of has a stick up her ass, but she has a very funny side too. Lucas is just the guy to loosen her up after she flies to Paris after her douchebag fiancĂ© dumped her (by text, that asshole) a week before their wedding.

These two have an adorable chemistry that starts off as sweet but gets really damn sexy. It’s a fun story with feels and plenty of smiling at my kindle. Their relationship develops fast, but it was shown so beautifully in the writing that it felt natural.

So yeah, I have a new author to stalk. I’m so frigging excited to read more!!

And by the way, Frenched is currently free on Amazon… so get your ass over there and one-click.

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