Heaven in the Dark - Tina Wright

Heaven in the Dark
by Tina Wright


Their meeting was chance.
Their love was fate.
Their future was…dangerous.

Orphaned at 14. Kidnapped at 20. American college student Allie Miller has known more than her share of heartache and terror. But when Italian industrialist David Swift inadvertently interrupts her captors, rescues her and whisks her off to his villa to recover, Allie’s future finally looks bright. She and David embark on a passionate love affair, but soon Allie must battle two new obstacles to her happily ever after: David’s past, including the mysterious American father he will not discuss; and one of her kidnappers, a sociopath with a vendetta against the couple and an affinity for abduction. 

Now, the couple’s love…and their very lives…are on the line. Can Allie and David keep history from repeating itself? Can they stop a madman bent on revenge? Or will their pasts destroy any chance of a future?

HEAVEN IN THE DARK contains explicit sexual content and is intended for mature audiences. While it is the first of two books in a series, it is a stand-alone novel.


Allie knew she should move, perhaps stand and turn back the bed, but she felt frozen, wary of movement, as if on the verge of a precipice. She sat, smoothing her hands over the bedding, its cool softness a balm on her tingling palms. Finally, David approached and she stood, watching as he turned down the duvet. “After you,” he said.

           She slipped off her robe and slid beneath the sheets. David climbed in beside her, switching off the light and reaching over to put an arm around her. Allie turned to him, their noses touching as she moved into his embrace. At once, David pulled her to him and brushed his lips against hers, and she melted into him immediately. Placing a hand behind her head, he increased the pressure of his lips, demanding a deeper response. 

            Attraction. Desire. Allie had never felt either in such overwhelming measure and she moaned, opening her mouth to invite David inside. She could feel his erection growing between them and she pressed closer, nestling herself against it. David was both the cause of and the solution to this aching need inside of her and she clung to him, her body begging him to assuage it. David moved his hands lower, gripping Allie’s hips and stroking their bodies together as his lips kept their claim on hers. Then, abruptly, he groaned harshly and let go of her. He sat up and flipped on the light, exhaling as he rifled a hand through his hair.

            “I’m sorry,” he said. “That was ill-advised.”

            Allie sat up, too. She felt confused, chastised. “I liked it,” she said, touching her lips.

            “I liked it, too,” David replied. “But if we don’t stop now, this will be a lot more than a kiss, and it’s too soon. I am not going to take advantage of you, especially after what you’ve just been through.”

            “But you want me?”

            He took a deep breath. “God yes, Allie. You are a beautiful woman. And so damn sweet. You have no idea how badly I want to take you in my arms right now and make love to you…and teach you how to make love to me.”

            At this pronouncement, Allie looked down and then back at David, at those intense sapphire eyes that seemed to see deep inside of her. “Then do it,” she whispered.

            He reached out and took her hand, stroking her fingers slowly with his thumb. “Allie, you don’t know what you’re saying. We barely know each other. Don’t confuse gratitude or comfort with desire.”

            “I’m not. I want you, too.”

            “No.” His decision was final. “I don’t want to be responsible for you doing something you’ll regret.”

            Allie knew that David’s actions were chivalrous. Even so, she felt embarrassed and rejected; he didn’t think her mature or capable enough to recognize her own desires. She slipped her hand from his and folded back the covers. “Under the circumstances, I should probably go to the other bedroom.”

            David took her hand again, squeezing it gently. “Will you be able to sleep?”

            She smiled, avoiding his eyes. “I’ll try not to wake you.”

            “Well, I won’t sleep if I think that you are having nightmares…or that you’re lying awake in the next room…afraid.” He lay back down, still holding her hand. With the other, he patted the mattress. “It’s a big bed. We’re adults. And I think we’ll both sleep better if you stay here.”

           Allie hesitated for a minute before slipping back under the duvet and settling her head on the pillow. She turned to face him. “Good night,” she said. 

            David reached up and turned off the light. Most of what he’d just told Allie was true. They were adults, and he did want her to feel safe. For some reason, taking care of her was paramount; she’d been through so much and it would kill him if he did anything that caused her more pain. His erection, however, had other thoughts about her proximity. She was so close that he could smell her honeyed scent, could hear every soft breath she expelled. And when he closed his eyes, all he could see was her—her luminous eyes, full of trust whenever she looked at him, and her gorgeous curves, barely hidden beneath the thin veil of pink silk. He knew how she felt in his arms now—her supple body had fit perfectly with his, as though their coupling was the natural order of things—and 

David wanted nothing more than to reach over and put her back where she belonged. He groaned again. It was going to be a long night.

About the Author

Tina Wright spent more than two decades as one of Nashville's top publicists, generating buzz and acclaim for hundreds of country music artists, from living legends to contemporary superstars. An avid writer all her life, Wright's debut book was a sports tome, CARDINAL MEMORIES: RECOLLECTIONS FROM BASEBALL'S GREATEST FANS (University of Missouri Press, 2000). She now writes and edits full-time. When she's not at her laptop, you can probably find her trying on the latest Helmut Lang designs, or reading, or drinking an iced latte, or reading, or watching those St. Louis Cardinals, or rea--well, you get the idea.

For more information, visit tinawrightwrites.com
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