Nine Lives by Erin Lee - New Release and Author Interview

Nine Lives by Erin Lee
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction - Mature NA
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Three teenage sisters didn’t mean to destroy their family…

Sisters Laina, Faith, and Sadie Nelson know they are to blame. There was no way to predict how their lives would shatter with just a few lies—but they did, and now they fear the pieces are too many to pick up.

Had their parents let them leave, their father wouldn’t be behind bars…

The girls just wanted to escape from their hyper-strict home and start lives of their own. If he’d just allowed them to spread their wings, their father wouldn’t be serving thirty years for a crime he didn’t commit.

Sometimes you have to be creative to get your way, but creativity’s not always what it’s cracked up to be…

With the lives of nine siblings hanging in the balance, what will it take for the girls to admit their deceit and recant their tales of abuse? And if they do, will there be any room for forgiveness?

Family and friends are left to question everything they know about the legal system, social services, marriage, and family. 

Can anyone really be trusted?
Can a family heal in the wake of false allegations, broken promises, and betrayal?
Or is it too late…

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Twenty Questions

How long have you been writing? Thirty five.

Do you ever feel like one of your characters is you? I feel like all my characters are me.

How many hours sleep do you get each night? Four hours, tops.

Name one day job you’ve had.  Therapist.

Do you write every day? No.

What’s your usual writing snack? Tea. 5-hour energy. More tea.

How many hours a day do you write? When I write, about three.

Do you have a new story idea in your mind right now? Too many to count.

Do you ever write two books at once? Nearly always.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Multitasking.

Name one song that reminds you of your book. Fight Song, by Rachel Platten.

About how many books do you read each month? Two.

What’s your favorite movie? Forrest Gump or Good News Hunting.

Name one thing on your bucket list. To be somebody’s hero.

Flowers or chocolates? Flowers.

Name an author you’d love to have coffee with. Jeanette Walls.

The most words you’ve written in a day. 10,003.

What's your favorite fruit? Strawberries!

In what room do you do most of your writing? Living room, I’m a control freak and need to be at

“ground control” even in my writing zone.

Who is your celebrity crush? Drew Barrymore

Thank you for playing Twenty Questions with us!

Erin Lee is freelance writer and therapist from Southern, NH. Lee’s work has appeared in journals and magazines since 1995. She’s received numerous awards from the New England Press Association for her work as a journalist. “Wave to Papa” is her second novel. Currently, Lee is publishing “Crazy Like Me” with Savant Books and Publications, LLC, to be released in summer 2015. She has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and works with children and families in crisis.

More of her work can be seen at

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