Out Of My Dreams - Mary Lou Irace

Out Of My Dreams
by Mary Lou Irace


A story of love, loss, and the things we leave behind. 

A chance encounter on a city street forces Tara Fitzpatrick to examine her life where she will stumble upon a family secret, find love, and discover the power of human connections. The 28 year-old computer research analyst prefers logical solutions to problems. 

So when her mundane life is turned upside down after her hometown is devastated by the act of a deranged man, Tara embarks on a quest to discover why a series of unexplained events are happening to her. Are unresolved issues from her childhood to blame or is a man from her past attempting to send messages through her to his grieving wife? 

While questioning what is real or imagined, Tara’s journey will open her mind as well as her heart and a surprising discovery will come to light in a place Tara could have never predicted herself. All she has to do is pay attention to the signs.

About the Author

Mary Lou Irace is a former college administrator who earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology at Rosemont College and a Master of Science in Education at Monmouth University. 
After raising a family, she decided to start a new career as an author. This is her first novel. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters.
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