Release Blitz - How To Be Someone Else - Rachel Del

How To Be Someone Else
by Rachel Del

Release Date: Oct 20, 2016


Sometimes it is the one who knows you best who can love you best.

Penny has lived her life letting others take the reins, leaving her to simply follow in
line. After completing her senior year of College she’ll join her father’s marketing
firm, get married and start a family.

When her parents drop a bomb on her — that they are getting divorced — Penny
decides it’s time to start living by her own rules. And when she meets mysterious P.J.
Hawthorne, a published writer who seems to know much more about Penny than
she lets on, she knows this is her chance to finally get her life moving in the right

But as questions about her new life overwhelm her, so do thoughts of sweet and
gorgeous Alex — who just so happens to be her best friend.

What follows is a series of poor decisions, each one more worrisome than the last,
forcing Penny further and further away from not only Alex, but from becoming the
woman she’s sure she’s meant to be.

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Author Info

Rachel Del is a head-in- the-clouds introvert, homebody and thirty-something writer
currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and three-year- old son.

Originally from Ontario, Canada she works in book publishing, and spends her free
reading and writing contemporary romance novels. She drinks far too much black
coffee and could eat sushi every day.

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