Crucifix - Aiden Darke - Excerpt - Adult Content 18+

Luculla sat up straighter, and a smile crept across her face. Ursus looked to Luculla for confirmation, and she licked her lips and nodded. Ursus stood before Julia, holding a handful of the nettles by the stems. 

He drew his hand back and slapped them across her breasts. Julia flinched, but it actually felt like being slapped lightly with a wet towel. She relaxed. And then the burn came. It started as a tingle, then grew to an intense irritation, like tiny hot needles all over her breasts and nipples. She gritted her teeth and strained against the ropes as the sensation climaxed, then eased a little.

Ursus flicked the weeds across her breasts again. This time it felt different - her skin was sensitised, and the light touch of the plants sent a shock through her. She looked down and saw raised papules across her breasts, feeling how it made her skin tighten, her nipples swell. After the initial burn faded, she felt a strong tingle, and this stimulation caused an intense feeling to run from her nipples and through the rest of her body. She gasped, wriggled and groaned.

The nettles flicked across her belly. Then her thighs. She gasped and convulsed, and pleaded for Ursus to stop. Ursus looked across at Luculla, who had one hand on her breast, which she was kneading gently. “Continue,” said the Mistress, a little breathlessly. Ursus nodded, and pressed the nettles up between Julia’s 
legs. He stretched the stems between her pussy lips, and pulled, so the leaves scraped the sensitive inner parts and ran over her clit. Julia felt the sensation build quickly from a tingle, to a burn, to an amazing ecstatic agony.

Her pussy throbbed and pulsed, it oozed wetness. Her internal walls contracted rhythmically. She writhed, head back, a low growl at the back of her throat growing into a full growl. And suddenly, the pleasure was taking over from the pain, and she was coming. She bucked her hips, cried aloud, and her juices flowed in a sudden rush down the inside of her thighs.

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