And When- Wendiann

And When by Wendiann


Still single after the divorce in her twenties, Jade Prency, lives life on her terms. But when her doctor discovers a tumor, she stumbles. Her hardships are nothing compared to the devastating news of her father. At forty-one, everything she ever believed changes. Lost in emotional turmoil, feeling separate and alone, Jade withdraws from the world. From the safety of her home, she reaches to an online community for support. Here, she can hide her worn appearance behind a keyboard. Building friendships, careful to avoid the flirtations, one man pushes through to become her strength across the miles. Her online family watch fascinated, as Brady Gibbs, the handsome Virginian who holds her hand through it all captures her heart. Planning a future with the man she believed would keep her safe, life throws one more unexpected twist. Online, where real becomes make-believe and make-believe becomes all too real.

About Wendiann

I am simply me and would define myself as an analytical realist mixed with a smidge of dreamer. You can imagine the confusion that happens inside. The dreamer starts everything and the realist comes out to keep me in check.

I live on the prairies in Canada and started writing in 2009 (what else to do during cold winters). It came out of nowhere as I sat at my computer and followed the first smidge of an idea. The 'Sit N Do Nothing Hamster Series' was the first project an attempt to bring us all closer. Using humor, comparison and pull-quotes, I ask readers about their lives in a workbook format. We all STAR in our lives and are an accumulation of every moment. It's important to share that in life. 

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