Penny and Squirt - T.M. Haught

Penny Mathews is 18 and new in town. Her widowed dad, Robert, just moved them both into an old Victorian house owned by Rebecca Nash, also widowed, who is renting out rooms to help make ends meet. Penny can’t help teasing Rebecca’s son Jonah, who is also 18 but a bit shorter, slightly nerdy and very bashful. She needles him by calling him “Squirt,” but takes pity on him when he awkwardly tries to ask one of the other girls at their high school for a date and can’t even get the words out. Penny decides to mentor “Squirt” to help him get over his fear of girls, using her own unique approach guaranteed to boost his confidence and help him rise to the occasion. The problem is, Penny soon discovers that Jonah is the perfect “boy toy” and someone worth giving her heart to as well, and decides to keep him for herself. Now if they can just keep their romance and their frequent hook-ups secret and not let their raging hormones burn them out, everything will be fine. But that’s a really big if...!

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