Summer Sky - Lisa Swallow

I just finished this… it ended on a cliffhanger (which the author warns us about in the blurb) and… just damn. I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve never read a romance novel that ended with that particular secret before. I’m dying to know if it’s actually true! 

Moving on from me being shocked, this is a really sweet story. Sky and Dylan wind up staying together in a vacation home and have some really cute moments. There was a nice build up that showed their relationship developing. Dylan was so sweet and respectful of Sky. And Sky was funny (though she can have a bit of an attitude sometimes) and it was easy to see why Dylan liked her.
The second half of the story threw them into the real world (and it seemed like they had the same argument a couple of times), but I have such hope for them and can’t wait to read on and see what happens.

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