Something More - Nia Farrell

SOMETHING MORE (The Three Graces Book 3) by Nia Farrell, is a BDSM MFM ménage erotic romance from Dark Hollows Press.  

Rachel Givens is a waitress and a single mom with post-rape PTSD, an autistic child, and two men determined to win her back. One is a biker. One is a porn star. Both of them are beasts in bed...except she hasn't been with a man since she was taken. She has triggers and issues and a child whose needs come first. Are the Colson brothers up for the challenge?


“The WARNING for this book should be STEAMY HOT & Panty Melting….”  

“You will definitely need asbestos gloves to handle your reader, once this is loaded.” 

“This novella has more emotion, intrigue, romance, internal conflict & scorching hot sex packed into a short read than I’ve read in a long time!!  A solid 5 star read!!”  

“Anyone can write a story that has great sex scenes but give me a story along with the sex and you’ve got yourself a HUGE fan!  Rachel Givens and her daughter Hannah stole my heart immediately… Cam and Cord swooped in and not only filled Rachel’s heart with love and forgiveness but they also reached Hannah’s – which is a difficult task in itself. Just an amazing story!”  Rated FIVE STARS at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



The bell over the diner door announces a new arrival, and Grace’s face turns pink. Dear Lord, she’s actually blushing.

“Holy shit,” Grace breathes. “That’s Jamie Cameron.” Grace held onto her V-card for twenty-two years, but she’s been making up for lost time with not one but two men, doing kink and watching porn, evidently.

You’d be amazed at the table talk in Wink’s Diner.

“Stage name,” I say, resisting the urge to look, trusting that she knows what she’s talking about. “Back home, he’s Cameron James Colson.”

Anna whips her head around, hard enough to send her purple and red streaked black hair flying. Subtle, she is not.

“Shit, Rae.” Anna snatches back her keys. “You can’t leave. This is so going in my biography. I mean, it’s him. The Titanic. Jamie. Fucking. Cameron. The man every woman wants to go down on. Please, tell me it’s not all camera angles. And–well, fuck me. Who’s that with him?”

“It’s not the camera,” I tell her, still not looking. I’m amazed she took her eyes off Cam’s crotch long enough to notice anything else. “Just guessing, but I’d say he’s with his brother.” Who is almost as well-endowed. Who just got out of prison. “A rougher, edgier version of Cam?”

“Leather jacket. Worn boots. Yeah, he’s got that ‘born to be wild’ look going for him.”

Shit. I hate being right. “His brother Cord. Goes by Cruz. That’s his road name.”

Anna smiles like a cat in cream. “No shit, Rae? A porn star and a biker?”

What can I say? One’s a lover. One’s a fighter. Both of them are beasts in bed.

Grace smiles like she read my thoughts (which she probably did). “Stay. You’ll figure it out.”

I’m skeptical. “I’m not so sure,” I tell her. Cruz has been inside for four years, convicted on weapons charges. Who comes out of prison unchanged?

Grace probes me with a look deep enough, I should feel mindfucked. “He doesn’t know, does he?”

“About Hannah? No.”

“The guns. His club. You understand he was set up, right?”

Shit. Now I am mindfucked.

“If you say so, Grace, but that’s not why I left. Look, I can’t do this right now, but I’d like to call you later, if that’s okay. I could really use the voice of wisdom.”

Grace smiles softly, looking as serene as a Madonna. Her inner peace instills a sense of calm in me. “Anytime, sweetheart. Even if it’s just needing someone to listen. No judgment here, Rachel.”

She called me Rachel. My real name.

No one’s called me that since the night I died.

The Three Graces Series by Nia Farrell from Dark Hollows Press

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