Flesh - Kylie Scott

Every now and then I babble on to someone about this book, so although it's been a while, I decided it was time I got it out of my system and wrote a review!
I had no idea I loved zombie books! In fact, I’m not sure I do, but I do love this book 'Flesh' by Kylie Scott!

Holy erotic undead! Ok, calm down. The undead aren’t doing anything erotic in this story.

But our three main characters, Ali, Daniel and Finn certainly make this a hot story and one not to forget! Escaping from the zombies, Daniel and Ali team up, and are joined by Finn. 

The guys are hot, the situation is desperate, and did I mention women are in short supply? 

I still love this book, and even though it’s been in my library for a couple of years now, I rate it as one of my favorites! 

Even if you aren’t into zombies, this book is one not to miss! 

(There is also a second book which follows this one – Skin, and the three characters from Flesh make an appearance. I've read it and highly recommend Skin also!)

Released October 2012 and I still haven't forgotten it!

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