Solid Stone Revolving Door - E. G. Patrick - New Release

 Author: E. G. Patrick
Title: Solid Stone
Genre: Erotica BDSM


Violet Cole, a recent university graduate, is rushing to her first important business meeting when she comes face-to-face with a man she finds captivating and intimidating. His penetrating gaze makes her heart pound and her legs tremble. Violet learns that the wealthy and alluring Adam Stone is renowned for his success in the high-powered corporate world. He now consumes all of Violet’s thoughts. 

A self-admitted control freak, Adam becomes intrigued by Violet’s untapped beauty and fierce honesty. He is determined to possess all of her. They embark on a passionate odyssey that is exhilarating and tantalizing. As their relationship intensifies, Adam and Violet must confront serious contradictions between them. How far is Violet willing to go to keep their relationship alive? Long-kept secrets are exposed leading to a surprising and explosive climax. 

"The Solid Stone series is highly arousing and totally engrossing. You will remember it forever and fantasize about it often."


Solid Stone is also available for order from FriesenPress Bookstore, Chapter's Indigo, Barnes & Noble and most other online book retailers. The eBook edition is available for order for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iTunes.


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Hello! Born in England, I now live in Canada. Living my life with passion and without barriers is my mantra. Bringing my secret dark fantasies to life in my stories is therapeutic! I hope to entertain, stimulate and evoke all kinds of emotions. I take pleasure in rereading my steamy sex scenes.  I have to say, my characters mean a lot to me so I take great care in giving them a life with real personalities, quirks, struggles and deep intense desires as their lives grow within my books. 

Solid Stone: Revolving Door is an erotic romance with conventional and unconventional scenes. While writing it, I found myself thinking about a woman’s fascination with a strong, domineering man and her self-determination to be with him. Violet Cole, an unassuming woman with elaborate fantasies of her own, which are explicitly shared in the story, submits to her inner most desires when she engages in a tantalizing sexual journey with the alluring Adam Stone. Her passionate and intense relationship with Adam has challenges that are amplified when secrets are exposed. Violet comes to a surprising realization about herself! I hope readers will feel what Violet feels. I know I did while writing.

My sincere gratitude to readers everywhere!


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